Racism, Snark

Cooked up..

Cap’n Phil Cook seems to have been a remarkman for his times; a humanitarian ambassador fiercely levelling justice upon his subjects when the Eora were victimised though less than equal consideration, and rightly so.

So landfall upon shores the Dutch and Indonesians had not bothered to visit nor claim.

  • War? Hmm, well, ur, more like irresponsible spreading of anti-social diseases and base impulses loosened by grog..
  • Conquest? Yeah, well that, really. Seriously, dump 11 boats of disposable rejects without considering such land ‘finders’ keepers’ or something? Sheesh..

OKies, here’s Joe’s take on it all, and a quote to consider:

“The only thing we can change is our future and we cannot even do that unless we face the uncomfortable facts about our present. The real act of racism isn’t shining the light on the danger and hardship that still besets so many of our first people.

The real act of racism is not doing anything about it.”

Joe Hildebrand is the news.com.au editor-at-large and host of Studio 10 on Channel 10

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