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[! HACKED !] Update Chrome browser RIGHT NOW!

What, again?

[6 mark 19] New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploited in the Wild

  • The patch for the security vulnerability has already been rolled out to its users in a stable Chrome update 72.0.3626.121.
  • Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered a high severity vulnerability in February that could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and take full control.
  • The CVE-2019-5786 vulnerability affects the web browsing software for all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.

It used to be that companies with much to lose were pretty careful with product releases.

Sure there were screwups, but the tide of public opinion – even in the pre – digital age – actually meant something. Now though? It seems arrogance and complacency rule in an apathetic marketplace of hooked users. We no longer have opium dens, instead we have social media pits.

And vermin abound in these public pits so don’t go back to your old one and bring the fleas home; risking a terminal plague on your systems. Get the newest pit and hope the fumigation actually worked (sure, Facebook).

Check your status (and safety)

  • From the (vertical ellipsis), select Help,
  • select About Google Chrome
  • check the status and version number
  • if it says you can update, then do so!

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