Confrontational, WizDom

Dreaming wilfully

Dreaming need not be an arena within which obscure fears confront and experienced as terrors of an unleashed ego. They can be considered instead as companions; assisting exploration and discovery in a fluid and dynamic learning environment.

Dreams are not terrors of the ego, they are companions, assisting exploration in a fluid and dynamic learning environment

Oft we reach out to Interpreters of Dreams, such as did the biblical Pharoah and David. He story is generally expressed as a plot device of God to elevate Daniel from slave to 2IC. But despite the obvious stage sets of captive and man-god, never have I heard a parallel on Daniel’s self-summission to Pharoah’s lack of self-awareness and Daniel’s acceptance of dream to Pharoah’s nature to dominate dream.

Why so many visits and repetitions of dream if not to also reflect mankind’s ego as an obstacle of dream. After all, stumbling-blocks are a common theme in scripture and the community-minded would naturally intuit the context.

Ah, maybe that’s why…

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