Trainer and assessor credential requirements | Department of Education and Training

Source: DoE

What I feel..

  • ASQA announces deadline
  • TAFE fails to be ready in time
  • Minister(s) push it back 3 months

Private RTO’s would never get this treatment! TAFE is still an education dinosaur when academic proliferation tramples industry experience and vocational competency.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that it is an issue. The ‘new’ TAE – THAT WAS INTRODUCED NEARLY 3 YEARS AGO – is a real dog to get your head around. An LLN unit is stuffed into an already academic package to foist the burden of increasing illiteracy onto under-resourced trainers. This unit fails in equipping a trainer to cope with LLN issues, it simply does not go far enough. But it already goes so far that it’s indigestible for most trainers. Sure, the unit can be acheived, and the concepts grasped but in practice? Bah! The reality is that trainers are not paid more to add this service, resources are mentioned in literature but fall short in-house and the bean-counters wear blinkers.

Design and develop is in. A Diploma level unit. I think that’s agood thing though. Trainers need to be able to understand and unpack a unit of competency so that they are at least aware of the scope of conpliance in assessment.

There is now so much admin in the qual, I wonder at the amount of time budgeted to produce good trainers. Maybe that’s not considered prime anymore. Sad.

Still, it’s been almost three years! Plenty of time. In the real world that’s more than fair…

Considering that most training packages have a 5 year shelf life, we could expect TAE40121, no? So in 2 years we could see a new trainer qual hitting trainers just getting up to speed.

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