About that...

About debt..

You have a crippling credit card debts and have lost the goodwill rating on one of the banks.

You receive a windfall of $1000. What do you do..

.. Spend it or bank it?

If the latter, great. Now the difficult question:

Would you give it up so that our country could do the same and demand our pollies do similarly?

If you think reckless spending ($860B government debt right now and rising) whilst in crippling debt is nuts, consider our national debt ($7.1T) against ‘a budget surplus’ in a pre-election spend-feast to buy votes.


2 thoughts on “About debt..”

  1. I for one feel that it would be better to fix the base cause of the problem, without the attempt to us a bandaid solution, a minor payment doesn’t help anyone in the long term, so yes I would forgo this and I am a single father.
    However we have to look at the underlying problems that are causing the country to struggle. Where has all of our production gone, very few if no more steel works, car manufacturers closing their australian doors and so much more.
    And yet our current government makes outlandish claims of stablising the nation and spin doctoring everything to make themselves look good. the latest spin is that we are finally in surplus, so they claim, and they are trying to buy votes.
    However memories of all the lies, deceit and doubletalk, not to mention the awful way they all of the people in this country, first nation, immigrants, refugees, generationals (families that are long stayers i.e. decendants of settlers or convicts) – po(h)ms in other words.
    All of this should make people truly think about how they vote and whether this pittance is a true p[ay-off for those votes, in my eyes I do not think so, so theyn can keep it for me!


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