Source: Facebook | The Australian Athiest Club | Mungo Man

If there is no ‘entity’ why has such a belief of continuation persisted across such vast time, culture and distance? Is it merely a common desire to perpetuate ego, or a holding on?

One may poke a stick at religion – this codification and exploitation of the inexplicable. But if you move past the petty egos and ladder climbing at local centres by individuals who are at best merely damaged and at worse – well OK – twisted machiavelien puppets of empires that leave the Mafia in the dust, if you look past organisational culture of manipulation, power, avarice and corruption and understand the many broken journeys of guilt and fear; well, one can find among the flocked a common aspiration beyond self, a yearning to be better and a reaching for that immaterial something that inexorably draws our attention time and time again.

It that merely organisational chicanery? Mass hysteria? Neuro-linguistic programming? Some sort of flu that stimulates the hyperthalmus? Just, what exactly?

So sure, if you’ve been hurt by this or that system then grow up, get on with it and move on rather than lash out in broad, indiscriminate terms. If you have an angst, a right to wrong etc. then have the decency to marshall an objective and reasoned argument against specific wrongs by people that can be held accountable – Cardinal Pell, for instance – and bust their sorry assets!

This story does not lead me to disrespect religion but to appreciate the care people had for an esteemed one, way back 40,000 years ago.

Anyone can bash an institution, but if not done mindfully may as well just bash ones head against a wall…

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