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If you aspire to be a blogger you would do well to read Christian Mihai’s blog on The 5 Must-Have Traits of Successful Bloggers. In it, he talks about being in it for the long run, about being passionate, distinct and consistent. He also stresses the importance of backgrounding, that research and study are critical factors in targeting your audience.

Another successful blogger with a very creative spin is Take Another Look. She takes a monthly theme from TV or a movie to contextualize her blog to RTO’s; it’s highly innovative and well done. Whilst her Behind The Scenes series targets training organisations there is a lot to be learnt for running any business, and in Stranger or Stronger? she discusses attention to detail; a must-have for serious bloggers.

In 23 Surefire Ways to Get More Readers For Your Blog Christian talks about the right things build a successful blog; that you must work daily to do the right things, and be consistent over a long period of time. Those things involve content, killer headlines, good format, branding your blog with your own domain, distincting your brand, effective use of subscriptions, social media, engagement and involvement, the principles of viral contentinterlinking, style, offers and finally, being patient.

It is very important to be mindful that effort needs to be 80:20, that’s 80% planning and preparation and 20% work at the coalface. This is a truism in programming, design and project management. You’ve heard that old one about failing to plan and planning to fail? Well, same old, same old.

So do it already! Oh, how? Ah, well, there’s a planning primer in Web Design, but this post is about focusing your blog, and quite frankly, if you’ve been nutty enough to subscribe – I salute you! – you’ll have soon realized that I blog about whatever I feel like. I am most certainly not focused on congruent topics. Some of them hang together, sure, but what on this heavenly planet has the dry art of RTO compliance to do with yoga, Android, baked potatoes, CC and internet security?

Nothing! Except that it’s one thing I’m expert in and sharing my knowledge, am learning about and sharing the journey or just stumbled across it and thought “hey, oh wow, just gotta blog this”!

It’s indiscriminate! I should be chained, locked up (that’s another story hehe) and flogged with an organic carrot!

I am my own worse enemy! How on earth do I expect to cultivate a discrete following to monetise with such a spew? I mean… sheesh!

Well, first up, monetisation is so not my first priority. It’s not even second or third. Oh, it’s on the list, all right, I have corporate affiliations locked and loaded; I pimp for Amazon, sell Malwarebytes et al. But that’s not why I share.

The down and dirty is that I retired due to permanent burn-out and was going cray-cray (just sing that in a twisted, off, high note why don’t you?) and so, well.. . TA-DA!

So yeah, there is value; I’m reworking resource archives I’ve developed in consulting and am making them publicly available. I’m too deaf to teach anymore and no longer need an ROI for businesses shut back in ’16 so why hang on to the resources I created? Hence, I’m dusting them off, updating them and sharing them.

But the why of it all? Well, it’s fun, I’m having an absolute ball!

I’ve lived a life of insatiable learning across many disciplines. I went from mechanical engineer to commercial designer back in the 80’s, to stirring cess pits and driving instruction when exhibition design collapsed as an industry soon after, to software training and training compliance when my motorcycle school went belly up in the 90’s, worked admin and started uni in the 00’s, more recently temp work in the 10’s and finally throwing in the towel when CFS, GORD, IBS and OSA got the better of me.

But hey, it’s not all bad; I finally get to put a string of letters after my name.. 😉

I’ve ‘been there, done that and worn the hat’ in a number of professions. It’s one of the joys of being self-employed with zero marketing skills, which leads me on to – finally! – get to the point of this blog.

If you need it and don’t know how to do it, consult!

As mentioned, my marketing skills suck. The heart of all this is that:

  • I’m passionate, enthusiastic and true to my game.
  • I write with raw honesty and integrity, strive to be objective but don’t hold back with opinions to challenge either.
  • I will not lie, deceive nor obfuscate truth and am quite happy to eat my words if such be the case.
  • I sort-of market and monetise, but background it as an incidental that will never cheapen my work through clickbait and madvertising.
  • I do my best and am mindful of you, the reader.

My first milestone in monetising sites is to afford to move from free to hosted so that the site can be better presented and interactive learning embedded.

Second is to be more reactive and responsive to WadMabbit followers through tailored blogs and articles.

Third is well, yeah; to make money. I’m retired and need to make ends meet, so if I can learn to meet your needs then you can help me meet mine.

Oh yeah, the point of all this – gee, do I rabbit or what? – is that if you want to blog and to do it well but don’t have a complete skillset then it’s a real good idea to get a bit of help.

I’m very cautious in passing on details of marketers; they can be worse than real estate agents.

However, here are a few people that I’ve interacted with and found to be worthwhile.

No, these plugs are not monetised, tracked or placed for gain; they’ve simply caught my attention by standing out from the herd and have integrity

  1. Marc Grey of The Wolf of Online Marketing, a marketer and product creator with powerful, astute blogs on monetising your site.
  2. Christian Mihai of The Art of Blogging a prolific, successful and motivated blogger who is happy to help you become a powerful and effective blogger.

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