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Oh blessed be!

Source : George Takei

[13 May 19] Alabama State Senate laid a bill to pretty much ban abortion – whether through rape or incest – at any stage of pregnancy and the doctor gets a 10 year minimum.

The intent is likely to have the inevitable challenge in the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade with nationwide implications.

the inevitable challenge to overturn Roe v. Wad

Things America are of little interest to me. The Pacific Rim, yes; for I’m Australian and it’s close to home. We scoff at Trumps antics and laugh that Americans actually voted him in (whilst – it must be admitted – we did similar in voting in our own El Primo dubbed ScoMo who is also for ‘the big end of town’), but this, really?

It beggars belief that a country that rages against injust patriarchal Sharia Law of Islam spawns an oppressive and discriminatory forerunner of law against half its population.

Oh blessed be!

Allegedly due to a biblical inference that God knows every one of us prior to conception thus from that point conciousness exists and as it’s a mortal sin to kill (right, in a country that might collapse if arms sales fell through? Sheesh) it’s our bad.

Well, a hard pill but that’s doctrine, right? This is what the Henry’s of English middle ages rejected; the marriage of state and faith. Wars were waged for hundreds of years over the separation of Church and State and far-right conservatists want to wind back the clock? OMG…

far-right conservatists want to wind back the clock? OMG…

Well, for a country founded by pilgrims fleeing religious opresdion that’s a truly weird turn-around.

But power, right? Always comes back to power and influence. And votes, hmmm.

Speaking of which, I have to vote tomorrow. On the one side we have toys for the boys and a terrifying alliance of conservative, fascism and a yuen for unbridled financial might and on the other side we have the Labour party that is allegedly set to rip the purses of pensioners and retirees. Oh goody, I can’t wait…


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