“Christianity and Islam teach us there is only one God. At a recent community meeting to improve communication between Christians and Muslims, it was stated by a member of the audience that since both religions believe in Jesus, we all share the same God…”

Source: Jazzdat | REFLECTIONS – A Spiritual Journey| [REBLOG] CHRISTIAN AND ISLAMIC JESUS: NOT THE SAME — Cristian Mihai

A thoughtful and reasoned comparison through the lenses of two monotheistic cultures. Nicely said is:

“. .. and for me, that is all right. It’s not for me to judge the relationship of others to God. It is for me to be faithful to my own.”

Leaving aside such mysteries as Trinitas (Tertullian) and pre-destination (the Netflix series Lucifer has a nice take on that), and reflecting the mass propensity for evangelical excess (Crusades, ‘no compulsion in Islam‘); one might be brought short.

Is this an outworking of celestial warefare or a mess of our own making?

A thought intrudes; is this problem semantic and without (a universal stumbling block) or subjective and internal (a reflection of obsession with self).

Do we have constant failure to grow up and get on with life, despite ecumenical and humanitarian efforts? Do our own ego’s get in the way of good intent, time and time again?

One might consider this a simple failure in sender-receiver communication rather than semantic mis-fires. Rather than point to cultural conditioning and neuro-linguistic programming as an excuse for boorish behaviour can we not just point the finger at our true selves instead of a scapegoat of socio-political modelling? Can we not accept that it’s our need to win, to be right – that foundations of faith not crumble?

‘Our bad’ and not some external scapegoat?

In Christianity, the divinity is the embodiment of love and that love is Gods’ greatest gift to humanity (John, Timothy).
In Islam, the divinity is oft expressed as The Gracious, The Merciful – the first ayat (verse) of the first surah (chapter) of the Quran* (Recitation); Al-Fatiha (The Opening) – and integral to salat (prayer).

*The best and most comprehensible transliteration of the Quran I have found is this hefty 2-volume set. Another modern transliteration can be found online.

Were such love and compassion given precedence over ego, then might not minds and hearts trult meet? Might codification of faith and self-identification not be mutually destructive?

Is it a question of Christians loving their enemies (Muslims?) and Muslims respecting Christians (People of the Book) or that Christianity and Islam have become mutually exclusive organisational juggernauts?

To me, there is faith and there is religion. I consider the latter an organisationsl embodiment of the former and that former to be broader than the latter professes to quantify. What hubris to define that which is beyond us with such certainty and exclusion! What morality to create a club wherin members abdicate personal responsibility and culpability to a system?

To me, we are each and every accountable for our actions. Not through fear of the Day of Judgement or to better our chances in the afterlife but simply because I feel that it’s the right thing to do.


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