Addressing selection criteria

Addressing work related requirements

If asked to address work related requirements (selection criteria) you will need to:

  • Draw upon your experience and provide a description of the relevant and/or transferable skills and abilities you have that relate to the position; and
  • Use examples from your work history to best illustrate how your skills and abilities relate to the position in question.

In writing, be clear and concise and only make claims that you can support with evidence.

You may also need to take a psychometric test or to give a presentation, depending upon the responsibilities of the role.

There may be desirable criteria as well as essential. If you fail to satisfy just one essential criteria all your effort is smoked. The more desirables you have however, the stronger your case and the better your chances against the competition.

Criteria may be evaluated during any stage of the process – the selection, interview and referee phases – so ensure that you have prepared well.

Whilst the SAO approach (Situation, Action, and Outcome) is the new norm for addressing job related requirements in formal applications, be prepared to use the older STAR approach if asked for.