Microsoft Word

This article will be revisited, updated, edited and added to heaps, so come back often for a review!

Microsoft Word, the mainstay of serious editors. Or is it really?

Actually, has it ever been, outside of Redmond? Well, yes, no and whatever; depending upon which camp you sit in. You can do wonders with Word, so long as you take the time to understand its quirks and stay away from inherent dangers whilst explore the limits.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan – have been since Word 2 was released (there was no Word 1, Word 2 was released with the second iteration of Microsoft’s flagship; Excel). Whilst built on Visual Basic, it’s an impressive program (the app is another story). It’s a masterful authoring tool, can be a decent desktop publisher and has many features that make live in the office so my easier and productive.

If you’ve mastered the keyboard, swim shortcuts and demand exacting precision in layout and copy then Microsoft Word is still ‘it’.

But is it a dinosaur, has it had its run, is it now outmatched by rival online apps? No, not really. It still holds its own space, unrivaled. But there are alternatives out there that do a darned good job and don’t require an everlasting subscription. Some of these alternatives are greats like Adobe In Design (not so much an alternative authoring tool, but as dedicated suite of tools for professional publication), others are clones like Open Office (quite good actually). Then you have eBook editors, defaults apps that come with various operating systems and specialist Content Management Systems (CMS’s).

So what can I teach you about Word that you can’t find with a quick Google? There are heaps of YouTube vids, uncounted articles, cheat sheets, tutorials and books. Technical help abounds! Well, that sheer wealth and diversity of resources can be somewhat overwhelming. Plus, which of those are trustworthy, accurate and not some clickbait to intrusive destruction?

Well, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel nor spread more duplicate; there are some great sources out there and I’ll share the links I’ve found good and useful. What I will do for you is to give you the essence, the grit of Microsoft Word. I will provide:

  • Some basic skills and techniques that are simply a must (unless you want to shoot yourself in the foot, over and over…),
  • Concise and effective understanding of Word management so that you can avoid Confusing Corruptions, Disastrous Documents and Lost Legacies,
  • Style Basics and simple style management for you to work effectively and efficiently,
  • Style Mastery to ensure organisational conformance, compliance and stability,
  • Document management and style transfer skills to store, secure and replicate document designs with ease and confidence,
  • Some golden techniques, and
  • Troubleshooting skills to cope with those times when it has all gone to shit…


  1. Starting Out
  2. Basic Skills and Techniques
  3. Word Management
  4. Style Basics and Management
  5. Style Mastery
  6. Document Management
  7. Style Transfer Skills
  8. Golden Techniques
  9. Troubleshooting Skills

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