You’re kicking around in cyberspace and come across this link to get a free website. The place you are on doesn’t seem seedy or tacky so – whilst in the background there’s a murmer of “it’s too good to be true init?” – you click on the link just to have a look (and know you’re safe because your browser’s got web protection, right? ).

The page quickly loads and you read:

Yes you so lucky! We have FREE websites for everyone, but there’s a limit of just 3 per customer as they’re going quick and we’ve got limited space.  All you need do is:
» Sign up with just your email address; and
 » Be one of the first 900 customers to respond to this is a limited, time-sensitive offer

You must act now to get this FILLER CUZI CAN’T CODE [ GIVE ME MY FREE SITE ]

As it sounds quite reasonable, you go right ahead and click [ GIVE ME MY FREE SITE ]

Yeah, about that….

  • If you fell for any of that, maybe you should read about Spotting Spoofs in a new window)
  • If you didn’t buy into that, and are interested to see what I’ve found trawling the ‘Net for free web site hosting, then read on!

The first in the following list isn’t necessarily the best one for you (or for anyone else for that matter), it’s merely the first (and most obvious) place to go to for a WordPress site (and yes, I did so too).

Free website hosting

In no particuoar order, except that upon which I stumbled across them…

  1. wordpress.org
  2. InfinityFree


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