App settings


So not de fault

One of the most common security blunders is to trust your default app settings.  Really? Don’t want to look under the hood? Well, your bad!

If you’re happy walking intersections without looking, feel free to skip all this, you probably wouldn’t notice an intrusion until it’s too late anyway…

If you’re concerned – or at least curious – then read on!

The people who make apps rarely care about you. They care more about your money and how they can leverage your participation. They also prefer to minimise support enquiries. Well, yes, sure, but…

No buts, “such is life!” and like Ned Kelly facing down a storm of bullets, your tin-plate approach to application security could see your system full of holes right quick.

Yeah, just take a moment to think about that.

So next time you install an app, go to Settings first thing and:

  • defuse annoyances (pesky upgrade announcements and invitations from “third parties”),
  • deactivate social plug-ins (do you really want Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to log in for you, you nutter?),
  • check device access and permissions (you read the pre-install T&C?, yeah, sure you did!),
  • review security settings
    • two-factor identification for any financial or ‘sensitive’ apps,
    • set and tweak Enhanced Security in Acrobat DC, Reader DC or Professional.

      Consider using Protected Mode to sandbox against malware:

      and the stronger Protected View for better lockdown (from the Preferences menu | Security (Enhanced) category | Sandbox Protections section)
      adobe-acrobat-sandboxingwhile you’re in Preferences, consider whether you want non-PDF attachments to open (Trust Manager category | PDF File Attachments section)
    • consider enabling external shielding (like BitDefenders’ provision to require a PIN or bio-metric ID for nominated apps) or sandboxing (running an app in memory space shut out from core systems)


Tip: click PDF links to open in a new tab, or right-click and choose ‘Save link As…’ to download to storage.


  • Acrobat DC Help – a complete reference (PDF
  • Acrobat DC security overview (PDF)




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