Mobile Tricks

Mobile security is much like internet security really, except that we’re dealing with mobile devices, different systems and different habits.

Let’s leave the techie stuff aside for a mo, and consider your behaviour. Is that secure enough?

Many of us have mobile devices, and the SIM plans to go along with them. But they’re expensive right, and you want to hoard that data, not pay for excess downloads? Right!

So you use Public WiFi. Of course, you have a private VPN, malware and anti-intrusion protection, and of course some sort of anti-virus package. That’s standard, right? No?

Oh, well oop, head over here then!

First up, are you even aware of the risks of public browsing? That it might not be private, that your creds can be stolen, and even – get this – that hot spot might be a fly-trap! I came across this article posted by Skymesh, it’s a good primer.



A very powerful internet protection solution, with a vault and app locking.


Malwarebytes is the industry standard in malware protection. Malwarebytes Premium is also a complete internet protection solution. Install it on all devices that can communicate with another device.

WadMabbit Discounts

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