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Students Create 3D Crosswalk That Forces Drivers to Slow Down

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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Slay: Android download | iOS guide Best strategy game ever! It's not massive multi-player, or even multi-player. No social bits, not complicated but really engaging. A simple game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. Land is divided between you and five AI's. You capture enemy land and link to become larger and more… Continue reading Slay

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Reach for the Stars: The Conquest of the Galaxy

DOS version (my favourite): RFTS PC version (train-wreck): RFTS Reach for the Stars was good until they made a train-wreck of it with confusing graphics and indirect strategy. It had simple population algorithms, if you didn't feed population, they died off and production suffered, riots.. Very nicely done, with multiple but simple 4-level technology trees… Continue reading Reach for the Stars: The Conquest of the Galaxy

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Avast there ye hearties!

So what? S'wot? Swot! SWOT?... Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats These are the 4 pillars of scoping where a business is at. Or anything really. If you draw a box and throw them in you csn find interesting relationships - great for PowerPoint presentations and leadership gurus - like if you flip strengths you find weaknesses.… Continue reading Avast there ye hearties!