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About balance..

Source: Mindful Motion Origin: 1940′s to help rehabilitate patients after labyrinthectomy operations (deliberate destruction of the inner ear). It nearly always causes severe vertigo. This series of graded steps help the brain compensate for the false information coming from the destructed ear. Lack of signal from one side, with normal signal from the other, is interpreted… Continue reading About balance..


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

Inspiration: BBC | My ME and me: 'I don't remember what it's like to not be ill' (Hanna's story) Let's clear something up before going further. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an ongoing fatigue issue with no specific cause (a syndrome) whilst myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) - muscle pain, nerve and brain issues - has specific… Continue reading Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

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Elusive peace?

We search for peace, whether we know it or not. When we are not at ease - dis-ease perhaps - we are unsettled, discomfited. Kept in this zone we become disturbed, and - disliking that - we transfer or displace that feeling to someone or something else. Angst to irritation, fear to anger, trepidation to… Continue reading Elusive peace?

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Blue Light not so bad

Source: QUARTZ ... the risks to typical screen-users eye health is seriously overstated, both by the agency’s own report and press release I have blue light protection layers on my glasses, filters on my devs and no, I DO NOT wear a tinfoil hat to defeat CIA brain scanning... Huh? Well, recent research apparently demonstrates… Continue reading Blue Light not so bad

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Yacón it’s a good thing?

Source: Dr Oz | You may be wasting money on Yacon Syrup weight loss, concludes Oz test Dr. Davis ... tells viewers that the active ingredient in Yacon is also found in artichokes, bananas, leeks and onions; and ... that people need to focus on eating a healthier diet filled with fruits and vegetables To… Continue reading Yacón it’s a good thing?

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SuperBacteria swap genes

Source: Futurism | Sneaky Bacteria Can Swap Genes, Making Them Immune to Antibiotics mcr-9 is highly mobile. Bacteria can swap genetic information into their DNA, and the readiness with which mcr-9 is transferable means that this antibiotic resistance could rapidly proliferate, rendering existing treatments all-but-useless.


Anti anti-antibiotic

Source: ABC News via @inkl: Antibiotic use falls for the first time in decades. But drug-resistant infections are on the rise Professor Turnidge said good hygiene practices would continue to go a long way in containing the spread of antibiotic resistance. "Hand washing is still very important to reduce risk of transmission of bugs, and… Continue reading Anti anti-antibiotic

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Six million Aussies ‘drink to get drunk’

Source: SBS News Excerpt: "... 47% now drink to get drunk ... Of these, 78% consider themselves a responsible drinker. About two-thirds of those who drink to get drunk at least twice a week or consume 11 or more standard drinks on a typical occasion also believe they're responsible." Australia has a drinking problem? Nah,… Continue reading Six million Aussies ‘drink to get drunk’


Why Tai Chi Works So Well For Pain Relief

Source: Time In a new study published in the BMJ, researchers report encouraging results involving one way to reduce the painful effects of fibromyalgia: with tai chi, an ancient practice originating in martial arts that has since become part of traditional Chinese medicine. The mind-body practice involves both physical and psychological exercises that promote health.… Continue reading Why Tai Chi Works So Well For Pain Relief


Hip fix?

I found this great for loosening my hips and lumborum muscles, particularly the quadratus; that nasty little devil that triggers an escalade of leg and back aches.. Please Note: I am not a yoga teacher; consult with others if you have any concerns. If any of the following causes pain, darned well stop! First prepare… Continue reading Hip fix?