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How Wude..

Source: Fierce Healing Kung Fu: blog Martial morality, Traditional Chinese schools of martial arts ... often dealt with the study of martial arts... as a system of ethics. Wude (wu 武 martial, de 德 morality) deals with "morality of deed" and "morality of mind". The former to cultivate social relations and the latter to cultivate… Continue reading How Wude..

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Extraordinarily ordinary..

Source: FB | Joong Do Kwan Western Australia These memes about "average people don't become black belts" or "a black belt is one in 10,000" reflects an exclusionary culture that has no place in martial arts. I would never write off anyone, [nor] alienate them with a culture based on my being superior. Thank you… Continue reading Extraordinarily ordinary..

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Chinese makeovers

Sources: TIME |The Dalai Lama Has Been the Face of Buddhism for 60 Years. China Wants to Change That, BBC | Who really came up with China's 'four new inventions'?, Dalai Lama Had to assume Tibetan political office at 15 when Mao Zedong invaded Fled to sanctuary in India May be the last 'free' Dalai… Continue reading Chinese makeovers

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Leadership exemplified

Source: Judo Inspired Life | Kosei Inoue: Judo Legend, Mat Cleaner I started Judo when I was five or six. Things were different then. Judo wasn't commercialised like it is now, albeit one of the least attractive to wannabe martial artists due to its non-aggressive style and method. Now the West has made sport of… Continue reading Leadership exemplified