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Some YouTube music vids you might like

My Channel: Subscribe Clapton Wonderful Tonight Santana The Healer While my guitar gently weeps Samba Pa Ti Sam Levine Amazing Grace For the Beauty of the Earth Sweet Affirmation Ralph McTell Streets of London Natural Meditation Sounds of Jupiter (really!) I find Musicmatch to be really useful in bringing songs to life as I'm really… Continue reading Some YouTube music vids you might like

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Lost in Space

[Reblog] Screen Rant | How LOST IN SPACE Created The Next Great Sci-Fi Heroine Lost in Space: The Complete First Season is a reboot with a gender twist, with actress Molly Parker as head of family. Great storytelling, great characterisation.

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Breaking News!

Source: Stan | Catch-22 OK, Millenial, 'One flew over that cookoo' right? I get it; before your time, but this revision of the 2008 version - directed George Clooney - looks like a winner to me. Adapted from the classic '61 novel by Joseph Heller, Catch-22 is a 6-part limited series. A US Air Force… Continue reading Breaking News!