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Australian anti-gun ad goes viral

Source: ABC | GenerationLockdown: Two Australians shake up America with viral anti-gun ad America: "You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to be scared shitless of going to school, you have the right to be traumatised by what you learn at school..." Oh hell in a CluckBucket! Look, it's a great… Continue reading Australian anti-gun ad goes viral


The Big Four lied to us…

 Source: Jetstar faces $2m fine as airlines put on notice over refund lies “For too long the airlines have been ignoring consumers' rights for refunds,” said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chair Rod Sims.“You cannot say there are no refunds - no matter how cheap the ticket is, no matter what ticket you buy.”

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Speaking of safety…

[9 May 19] Source: Economist via @inkl: How creepy is your smart speaker? "... these devices are acquiring other senses beyond hearing - the latest models have cameras, and future ones may use lidar. The scope for infringing privacy is increasing, so how worried are you that your speaker is spying?" [6 May 19] Source: Washington… Continue reading Speaking of safety…

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Weird day..

Got a low-altitude Columbia Natural (red currant, honey, raisin & cocoa) from Subi today after a lamb rogan Josh at Chutney Mary's (ohhhhhh heaven!). Just $10 too. Oh, haha, on the way in I got attacked by a drunk bull of a man. It was hilarious. As I was passing an alfresco table this stocky… Continue reading Weird day..

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[2 Apr 19] Closer to home, we have news from Tim Clark (The West Australian) on a front page exclusive.. The US want his worldwide assets frozen for global misrepresentation. Wow, just, wow. I have little sympathy for greedy snouts foraging in the trough of get-rich-beyond-my-virtue, those who want to cash in on 'a good… Continue reading Shaz-sham!


Pro Hacker – Samsung invents a see-through truck to stop car accidents | Facebook