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A most disturbing reveal..

Source: ABC News HealthEngine is a phishing tool for ambulance-chasing lawyers "HealthEngine, medical booking app, facing multi-million-dollar fines for selling patient health data" Yes, I know to beware of dodgy apps. Yes, I know Facebook, Microsoft et al. mine my data But government sponsored (promoted) apps? Sheesh...

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[New] Malwarebytes Premium step-by-step activation and setup guide

We've just written Malwarebytes Premium (for Android) step-by-step activation and setup guide, so head on over if you haven't already enabled its full features. Don't have Malwarebytes on your mobile? Oh golly...

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[2 Apr 19] Closer to home, we have news from Tim Clark (The West Australian) on a front page exclusive.. The US want his worldwide assets frozen for global misrepresentation. Wow, just, wow. I have little sympathy for greedy snouts foraging in the trough of get-rich-beyond-my-virtue, those who want to cash in on 'a good… Continue reading Shaz-sham!

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Gone Phishing..

[21 Dec 18] Tech Republic | Security | Michael Kassner The information garnered by cybercriminals during a phishing attack is sometimes used to perpetrate costly fraudulent wire transfers More by Michael Kosser: [10 Mar 19] Dark Web: Small business protection [2 Jan 19] Small business Website security paradox [31 Dec 18] Recover from Cybersecurity incidents… Continue reading Gone Phishing..

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Facebook didn’t care if your kids ran up gigantic credit card bills – lawsuit • The Register

Original post In 2016 Facebook released sealed data from 2012 in what appears to be turning a blind eye to friendly fraud. It's now 2019 and the case is still running. That's a 7 year delay in problem rectification in what could possibly be considered child abuse...