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‘streuth and cunstipation!

I grew up in England, not so much racist as mildly xenophobic and superior. My granddad died after being mustard gassed in the trenches of WW1. My father-in-law was handed off and escaped as he watched his parents taken away to be gassed. I hear wankers that spew hate and promote fear but would be… Continue reading ‘streuth and cunstipation!

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Stirring Palm Sunday speach by Tim Winton

Full article: Sydney Morning Herald Excerpt.. Tim Winton's Palm Sunday plea Start the soul-searching Australia Palm Sunday commemorates the day an itinerant prophet spoke truth to power. Jesus of Nazareth arrived at the gates of Jerusalem in a parody of imperial pomp. ... Jesus used to say things like this. If a child asks you… Continue reading Stirring Palm Sunday speach by Tim Winton

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Cooked up..

Cap'n Phil Cook seems to have been a remarkman for his times; a humanitarian ambassador fiercely levelling justice upon his subjects when the Eora were victimised though less than equal consideration, and rightly so. So landfall upon shores the Dutch and Indonesians had not bothered to visit nor claim. War? Hmm, well, ur, more like… Continue reading Cooked up..

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’nuff said..

Surely the establishment of a prison isn’t so special that we need to commemorate it 231 years later – particularly when that determined attachment to the date says to a number of other Australians, “your pain and sadness is nowhere near as important as our contrived patriotism”. Click here for the full article