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Good article

Security advice never grows old, but users still pancake... (TechRepublic).In-depth articleFor an alternate, secure, Android platform, check out F-DroidFrankly speaking..."Someone hacked into the tax revenue office four years ago and stole 3.8 million tax returns from the citizens of South Carolina--that was everyone. After the investigation, it was determined that an employee took home a laptop… Continue reading Good article

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The net is truly broken now…

Thanks Tim, this internet thingy is great! Wow, there's lots of stuff on here to explore... HuH, ung, whA?  My COmpUTeR Is GOinG FuNNy.... Phew, safe now I got software to protect me. I tell you, I'm NEVER going back to that por, um, research site AGAIN! Now, where was I? Aaaarrrrrrgh! What's this? I… Continue reading The net is truly broken now…

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Malwarebytes News & Tips

Antivirus vs. anti-malware: what’s the deal?Are you relying on legacy antivirus software? You may not be as safe as you think you areNew “Under the Radar” report examines modern threats and future technologiesCyberthreats are evolving. Our security experts pick them apart and give you the lowdown on eachOur 2019 security predictionsNew year. New threats. Learn… Continue reading Malwarebytes News & Tips

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Blue Light not so bad

Source: QUARTZ ... the risks to typical screen-users eye health is seriously overstated, both by the agency’s own report and press release I have blue light protection layers on my glasses, filters on my devs and no, I DO NOT wear a tinfoil hat to defeat CIA brain scanning... Huh? Well, recent research apparently demonstrates… Continue reading Blue Light not so bad


What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care?

Source: CNET | What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care? by Geoffrey Morrison An interesting and informative article. I've worked with colour as a designer for many years and am an IT techie, but could never quite come to grips with the geekspeak of TV. The current wave of Samsung adverts for… Continue reading What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care?

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The great UNDO

Multi-level undo commands are in most of the Office applications, along with matching multi-level Redo’s to reinstate accidentally undone actions. Some Office apps limit the number of undo levels, however Word provides almost unlimited undo's for the current editing session (while the document’s open). The Undo command can be found in the Ribbon or upon… Continue reading The great UNDO