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THIS is what it’s all about..

[Video] Boy in Peru under streetlamp, studying Thank you Yakoob, for your love, compassion and humanity, for having the heart to take action. May your actions continue to inspire. Usrat Yakoob Mubarak ihdihum wa ijburhum wa irzuqhum wa ‘aafihum [That the] Family of Yakoob Mubarak [be] guided, enriched, granted provision and kept safe

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Shift a little, would you just?

The following is a true statement: I + IX = X Like hell it is! It is, really. You're nuts! One plus nine IS NOT ten... What? It doesn't say that... Aaaarrrgh! Hey, what's wrong with you, why don't you get it? Oh, you're looking at it from over there. Here, why don't you come… Continue reading Shift a little, would you just?


Peace an’ all that…

Ramadhan is over, we celebrate Eid, and another year awaits.. I wish that whatever brings peace to your heart, rest for your soul and ease for your mind do come to you. If that isn't in your future, I commiserate. Truly I do. Perhaps you will find a balance, or at least a place to… Continue reading Peace an’ all that…

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How offensive?

Canadian Irshad Manji, author of Don’t Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times, thinks it’s time we stopped taking offence. Speaking to TIME at New York’s Tenement Museum, she argued that when we allow ourselves to take offense, we miss out on learning from differing views. “Giving offense is the price of diversity, not… Continue reading How offensive?

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.. a Wizard did it!

Sauce: The Australian Athiest Club This is a tongue-in-cheek post, so apologies to those of faith who are made uncomfortable, but nowt to those incensed (if angry, is ego no?). This is a polarising image, somewhat less snarky than most of the acting out from this blogger - not that I'm against acting out against… Continue reading .. a Wizard did it!



"Christianity and Islam teach us there is only one God. At a recent community meeting to improve communication between Christians and Muslims, it was stated by a member of the audience that since both religions believe in Jesus, we all share the same God…" Source: Jazzdat | REFLECTIONS - A Spiritual Journey| [REBLOG] CHRISTIAN AND… Continue reading [REBLOG, REBLOG] CHRISTIAN AND ISLAMIC JESUS: NOT THE SAME — Cristian Mihai – WadMabbit