This is a series of posts that – yes – say pretty much the same things as other training compliance consultants; dire warnings, the earth is NOT flat and ASQA will prevail. Oh, and the famed Vogon quote from HHGTTG “Resistance is useless!“.

…dire warnings, the earth is NOT flat and ASQA will prevail.

What’s our spin, though? Why read read dry, dreary articles on how authorities are ruining your business and don’t understand that client and industry pressure force you to ‘customise courses to meet industry expectations’?  Isn’t it just so unfair that they don’t see that it’s your business, no theirs?


We know business, marketing, leadership and eat compliance for breakfast. We’ve truly been there, done that, worn the hat, had the hat knocked off and stomped on, picked up said hat, dusted it off and carried on.

We lost that hat sometimes, sometimes through climate change (the competitive landscape changed, trusted partners changed with the moon, our emissions overcame our sensibilities or we just made dumb decisions based upon ego, nativity or ignorance of the changing landscape. Such is life.

We learnt from that, eventually overcame disgust, bitterness and other hurts and moved on. We took advice, expanded our fields of study. sought mentors, listened, observed and grew.

So when we post, it’s real. Down-to-earth, in-your-guts real. Not ivory tower wishful thinking, what you need to keep your RTO real, functional and effective. Sure it may involve a bit of pain – change always hurts, right? Sure it’ll affect operations, and sure it’ll affect your bottom line (but at least you’ll still have a bottom line and in the long term have better stability on your demographic).

While you’re taking the time to check out this first of a series of articles, you might want to explore our running columns on compliancesecurity and design. You might find our articles on assessment systems and tool design


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