What’s ahead in the Year 2019 for RTO’s?

A summary of bulletins and news to date…


Key Dates

  • 28 Febuary | AVETMISS data submission for 2018
  • March | VET workforce survey launch
  • 31 March | Annual declaration on compliance deadline
  • 1 April 1 July | must have TAE40116
  • 30 June | Quality indicator data due
  • July | Annual registration charge invoiced

[March 2019] VET workforce survey launches to get a snapshot of those working in RTO’s. It will collect information on:

  • the number of staff employed,
  • employee roles, employment status, and any relevant qualifications; and
  • training delivery methods and locations

If you’ve recently passed an ASQA audit with flying colours – great!

If not, and you’re really, really sure that your RTO is fully compliant and is walking the talk in delegation, responsibility and accountability of compliance requirements – also great!

If none of the above, well, you might want to think about that…


Make sure ASQA can contact you
Has your CEO’s email address or your registration email address changed in the last year? If you haven’t provided a mobile contact number, it’s a good idea to do so. ASQA (or TAC or VRQA) sometimes uses text message reminders for important matters for RTOs.

Know your registration expiry date so you can submit your renewal on time
Every RTO needs to apply to renew its registration, and pay the application lodgement fee, at least 90 days before its registration is due to expire.

Find out more about registration expiry and use training.gov.au to check your expiry date.

Meet your data provision requirements
There are three key data collections each year:

  • Total VET Activity AVETMISS data for 2018 to NCVER by 28 February 2019
    Check requirements here
  • The annual declaration on compliance must be completed by 31 March 2019.
    Submit the declaration on compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015
  • Quality indicator data is due on 30 June 2019. Find out more.

Pay annual registration charge
ASQA invoices providers for their annual registration charge in July each year. RTO’s submit an application and must pay the lodgement fee to renew registration at least 90 days before the end of their RTO’s registration period.

Keep track of key dates
Use this printable checklist (PDF) to keep an eye on important dates in 2019.


Submit RTOTotal VET Activity data for 2018 by 28 February 2019!

The VET national provider collection is an annual collection of AVETMISS data from all RTOs, and the RTOs must submit AVETMISS data to the NCVER by 28 February.

Every RTO that held registration for a least one day of the previous year must report:

  • all VET student enrolment activity conducted in the previous year
  • all VET award issuance activity conducted in the previous year.

Your RTO is required to report all VET activity regardless of whether:

  • it attracted government funding or not
  • it was conducted in Australia, offshore or online
  • it resulted in a determination of competence or any other outcome.
Some RTOs report some or all of their training activity data through a training authority or board of school studies. All training activity that has not been reported through a state training authority or board of school studies must be reported directly to NCVER.
Any the previous year VET activity that has not previously been reported must be reported to NCVER by close of business 28 February.
If no activity, submit a ‘Nil Returns’ report to NCVER, that is:
  • no student enrolments
  • no training delivery
  • no certification issuance.
This applies especially to new RTOs that were granted registration in late last year but had not commenced any delivery activity by 31 December in the previous year.
If you don’t submit my report by 28 February 2019, ASQA may impose regulatory penalties (no extensions)
More information

Related news


From 1 April 2019, ASQA will not accept applications for initial accreditation of a VET course unless the VET course concept form has been submitted and noted.


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