A brief is an instruction from a client to progress a work.

it is our responsibility…

As the client rarely understands all that is involved, it is our responsibility to walk them through the process, extract the information and resources needed and to produce what the client needs (not nessessarily what they want though).

… if things go sideways…

The first rule of any project is having a paper trail. If nothing else, it’s makes the project review and evaluation much easier. At best, it enables you to keep on track and deliver what the customer ordered. And, if things go sideways it is a crucial tool in resolution respute.

do what you feel OK to do. It helps you think of what you want, and me to understand your business.

This is a tool is to help a designer get a brief from a customer. A brief is the instruction from the customer to the designer. The more thorough the brief, the more happy the customer is. Consider it a friendly interrogation, because the client does not know the process , it’s not their world. It’s the designers world. The client does not know what the designer needs. It’s the designers job to extract information from the client to get a feel for the clients’ needs.

It’s more than words on paper, it is what is behind those words that is importsnt; the feel of the business. This is branding, an aspect of Corporate Identity.

By embracing this process you learn:

  • design foundation
  • business administration
  • client communication
  • the appearance and identity of your business
  • foundation for your business plan (full plan comes later)
  • foundation for your marketing plan (full plan comes later)
  • foundation for your strategic plan (full plan comes later)
  • where you will find your customers
  • what will distinct your business; and (haha)
  • what you are getting yourself into!

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