Billy Connolly | Dog

So I was learning tae play the banjo. I bought it in the Barra’s in Glasgow. It was a wee cracker. So I went tae see this musician guy who lived in a huge house in Glasgow on his own. He slept in a tent pitched in his front room. And he bred dachshunds; there… Continue reading Billy Connolly | Dog

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Death and Relaxation now 99c

Death and Relaxation by Devon Monk a very good start to a series I still much enjoy is now much discounted.. A great read by a very good fantasy author. In the town of 'Ordinary' (a vacay stay for gods), Delaney Reed finds a dead one. Oops. Chaos ensues of course in this gripping humourous… Continue reading Death and Relaxation now 99c

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Some YouTube music vids you might like

My Channel: Subscribe Clapton Wonderful Tonight Santana The Healer While my guitar gently weeps Samba Pa Ti Sam Levine Amazing Grace For the Beauty of the Earth Sweet Affirmation Ralph McTell Streets of London Natural Meditation Sounds of Jupiter (really!) I find Musicmatch to be really useful in bringing songs to life as I'm really… Continue reading Some YouTube music vids you might like

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Blue Light not so bad

Source: QUARTZ ... the risks to typical screen-users eye health is seriously overstated, both by the agency’s own report and press release I have blue light protection layers on my glasses, filters on my devs and no, I DO NOT wear a tinfoil hat to defeat CIA brain scanning... Huh? Well, recent research apparently demonstrates… Continue reading Blue Light not so bad