Apply Yourself

Launching yourself into a new career, or sideways into another can be a daunting prospect; you’re leaving your comfort zone to trek unfamiliar territory.

Realising your comfort zone is no longer for you is the primer. Deciding to do something about it initiates the launch sequence. Mapping your trajectory and fine-tuning potential destinations slides you closer to countdown. Picking the prime and beginning the application priocess starts the clock.

Read on in this series how to have a masterful launch!

You: We have a launch plan!
Hindbrain: Uh,we do?
You: Sure do, we’ve decided to launch!
Hindbrain: Great, what’s the plan?
You: Plan?
Hindbrain: maybe you’d like to read this…?

A masterful launch

You want a masterful launch into a bright and beautiful career, of course you do.

You’ve decide to push your comfort zone and go for it. Good, we’re now into the launch sequence. We now need to map trajectory and fine-tune potential destinations, short-list primes and secondaries, pick the best prime; and begin the application process.

Map trajectory

Get career advice if you don’t know where you’re going. If you do, talk to people in industry, get feedback from exit interviews, join related LinkedIn groups and read the news.

Application process

We start the clock by beginning the application process (actually, we’re already on track!).

Cover letter

Customise  your cover letter for the job.


Customise  your resume for the job.

Formal Applications

Understanding the application package

Addressing selection criteria


Before sending off your resume proof it, review it and re-proof.


Stop, breathe,  just put a hold on everything and take some time out to refresh and centre yourself for the final systems’ check during countdown. Yes, you’re itching to hit that [LAUNCH] button, but wait, there’s more!

You: There is?
Hindbrain: Well, is there?
You: Maybe?
Hindbrain: Now’s the time to check, right?
You: Yeah, about that…


You’re done all the hard work. If you feel settled, email it.  If you don’t feel at peace about this, dig deep and figure out why.

Mission Guidance

We’ve launched, fine. The application is in, but that’s not it. We still have mission guidance running checks…

The Mission Guidance team checks to see if the application sent was the application received (read receipt, maybe?). They may also suggest to Mission Control that radio contact (a phone call, d’oh) or site preparation (go to the place, check it out!) may be a wise move.

Radio Contact

There’s a number on the application package, right? Well use it to say gudday. Mind you, research to the hilt first or you’ll sound like a right dork.

Site Preparation

Don’t just get there early, visit a day or so before, grab some literature, check out what they wear (wearing the same colours to your interview enhances empathy) and read the mission statement.


You scored an interview!
(you prepared for that, right?)

Well then, just to recap…

You submitted everything by the closing date and time? If you didn’t; it’s your bad!

In preparation

  • Re-read the Job Description Form, carefully reviewing the work related requirements.
  • Imagine yourself actively undertaking those duties and how any problems might be resolved. Note examples where you have applied relevant skills and abilities in a similar role or situation.
  • It may be appropriate to have a portfolio of your work demonstrating your skills and abilities (copies of reports, spreadsheets etc.). That portfolio would be viewed during the interview.

The Interview

You may be invited to attend an interview or to participate in a range of selection methods (assessment centre, referee reports, work samples, role play).


  • Be on time (really, many don’t).
  • Even if you are known to the interviewer(s), respond with enough detail and such examples as to portray your suitability for the position.
  • Take your time with your answers. Be clear, concise and where possible, relate your answer to relevant past experiences.
  • Take a copy of your application to the interview.

An interview is a two-way street. It is an exchange of information so ask questions and get clarification where needed.

Post-op procedure

  • Golly, how lucky was that? You got the job!
  • Get feedback,  and use it!
  • Don’t forget to thank Mission Control and all the teams that paved the way!