That is, “What’s in it For Me?

Yes, the Wad Mabbit would like to know what you want, what your needs are and how we can help you, so that content can be designed and uploaded to make your day!

So don’t be shy, let us know!


5 thoughts on “WiiFM?”

  1. Friendly advice from a full time marketer….buy the domain wadmabbits.com and have a self hosted site. You never know when your free site can get taken from you….I just checked and its available, unless I buy it 🙂


    1. Indeed it could. If so, I’ll just port to another. I understand the issues – I am a retired designer — but being retired, with no super and a mortgage, I can’t even budget that. Shame, because I have lots of content to offer and am really, really tired of being limited to inline CSS (any free hosting out there that lets you into ? Even the cart is a different entity.

      I’ve just set up MonkeyChimp to help manage subscribers, but I don’t think I can curate on a free plan. Once I have a few bucks coming in I can do it right. But marketing is something I suck at.. I have knowledge, but no feel for it. Hmm, interested in teaming up?

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  2. I know money can be tight mate, I think that you are talking about the AR Mailchimp? They don’t really like online marketers and can cancel your account at anytime. I will have a think about who else does free hosting. I don’t usually ever go into the WP reader, I run a software that does the work for me but I was checking something on Jetpack, saw the reader, saw your site and the name caught me. I bought your domain, it’s yours for free when you want it, i will just change the DNS and its yours or use a middleman to transfer it over completely https://www.screencast.com/t/UcgbWVqLwy6 – anyway I hope that helps you a bit…as to teaming up, I am kind of past that stage and am now just growing my income and income streams. If you want to make a bit of cash I could do with a writer who can write my style on The wolf of online marketing dot com. Anyway if you want to get in touch email me as I was changing a few settings in jetpack and saw you had replied to my comments otherwise I cant say when I’ll be back in the WP reader again. My best and hopefully talk soon – Marc PS. On my site mentioned above I have listed a few training courses that I created that did well over 1000 to 3000 units and got great feedback. If you want I am happy to send you over free access if you think they will help.


    1. Good, valid points. Especially the WP reader, it’s a horrible experience! However, WadMabbit is also an experiential experiment at this stage to see how far the envelope can be pushed in the domain of the free (and desperately poor) !

      It’s quickly apparent that why the hell would you work like a slave against the odds when there are much easier solutions that have low-end maintenance in the end run?

      However, I decided to see what can be done with zero budget, and to bootstrap conveniences from there. The grand master plan is to

      create engaging content,
      grow interest,
      make some sales,
      create exclusive content,
      gain paid subscribers; and
      port to a domain, hosting and plugins as funds allow.

      When there’s overflow I can put it to content gereration.

      As to MailChimp, we’re less online marketers and more a NFP resource hub. Plus, we’ll blog and be nice to them, it’s not a bad service.

      Thanks for snagging the domain. I’ll get back to you on that when I am ready to move away from the freebie experiment. And always love to look at course, I’m a learning addict.

      What else can I do for you in return? I’m a training compliance guru, instructor trainer, IT tech, and software geek. What else can I write for you? I can adapt my style to your needs and write accordingly.

      On Thu., 21 Mar. 2019, 12:35 am Wad Mabbit Society, wrote:



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