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[! HACKED !] Update Chrome browser RIGHT NOW!

What, again? [6 mark 19] New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploited in the Wild The patch for the security vulnerability has already been rolled out to its users in a stable Chrome update 72.0.3626.121. Google's Threat Analysis Group discovered a high severity vulnerability in February that could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code… Continue reading [! HACKED !] Update Chrome browser RIGHT NOW!

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VET workforce survey – is your RTO in shape?

What’s ahead in 2019 for RTO’s? The Hammer falls... VET workforce survey Is non-compliance really that bad? [March 2019] VET workforce survey launches to get a snapshot of those working in RTO's. It will collect information on: the number of staff employed, employee roles, employment status, and any relevant qualifications; and training delivery methods and… Continue reading VET workforce survey – is your RTO in shape?

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Breaking News!

Source: Stan | Catch-22 OK, Millenial, 'One flew over that cookoo' right? I get it; before your time, but this revision of the 2008 version - directed George Clooney - looks like a winner to me. Adapted from the classic '61 novel by Joseph Heller, Catch-22 is a 6-part limited series. A US Air Force… Continue reading Breaking News!


What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care?

Source: CNET | What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care? by Geoffrey Morrison An interesting and informative article. I've worked with colour as a designer for many years and am an IT techie, but could never quite come to grips with the geekspeak of TV. The current wave of Samsung adverts for… Continue reading What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care?

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The great UNDO

Multi-level undo commands are in most of the Office applications, along with matching multi-level Redo’s to reinstate accidentally undone actions. Some Office apps limit the number of undo levels, however Word provides almost unlimited undo's for the current editing session (while the document’s open). The Undo command can be found in the Ribbon or upon… Continue reading The great UNDO

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SuperBacteria swap genes

Source: Futurism | Sneaky Bacteria Can Swap Genes, Making Them Immune to Antibiotics mcr-9 is highly mobile. Bacteria can swap genetic information into their DNA, and the readiness with which mcr-9 is transferable means that this antibiotic resistance could rapidly proliferate, rendering existing treatments all-but-useless.


Anti anti-antibiotic

Source: ABC News via @inkl: Antibiotic use falls for the first time in decades. But drug-resistant infections are on the rise Professor Turnidge said good hygiene practices would continue to go a long way in containing the spread of antibiotic resistance. "Hand washing is still very important to reduce risk of transmission of bugs, and… Continue reading Anti anti-antibiotic

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Set the World on fire, why not?

The Conversation via @inkl: Invasive species are Australia's number-one extinction threat One eighth of the world’s species – more than a million – are threatened with extinction. The UN report from IPBES notes this is due to: changes in land and sea use, direct exploitation of organisms, climate change, pollution; and invasion of alien species.… Continue reading Set the World on fire, why not?

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Speaking of safety…

[9 May 19] Source: Economist via @inkl: How creepy is your smart speaker? "... these devices are acquiring other senses beyond hearing - the latest models have cameras, and future ones may use lidar. The scope for infringing privacy is increasing, so how worried are you that your speaker is spying?" [6 May 19] Source: Washington… Continue reading Speaking of safety…