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Malwarebytes News & Tips

Antivirus vs. anti-malware: what’s the deal?Are you relying on legacy antivirus software? You may not be as safe as you think you areNew “Under the Radar” report examines modern threats and future technologiesCyberthreats are evolving. Our security experts pick them apart and give you the lowdown on eachOur 2019 security predictionsNew year. New threats. Learn… Continue reading Malwarebytes News & Tips

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[! HACKED !] Update Chrome browser RIGHT NOW!

What, again? [6 mark 19] New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploited in the Wild The patch for the security vulnerability has already been rolled out to its users in a stable Chrome update 72.0.3626.121. Google's Threat Analysis Group discovered a high severity vulnerability in February that could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code… Continue reading [! HACKED !] Update Chrome browser RIGHT NOW!

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VET workforce survey – is your RTO in shape?

What’s ahead in 2019 for RTO’s? The Hammer falls... VET workforce survey Is non-compliance really that bad? [March 2019] VET workforce survey launches to get a snapshot of those working in RTO's. It will collect information on: the number of staff employed, employee roles, employment status, and any relevant qualifications; and training delivery methods and… Continue reading VET workforce survey – is your RTO in shape?


Scammers pretending to be Aussie Broadband…

There is a new scam email making the rounds claiming to be from Aussie Broadband. The scammer is trying to obtain your personal information.Be on the lookout for an email that starts off with:Attention customer: It appears that your payment that we have on file for you was recently declined when we attempted to pay… Continue reading Scammers pretending to be Aussie Broadband…


Does Your Culture Affect Your Motivation to Be Kind?

A recent study suggests that kindness makes us happy across cultures—with some subtle differences. Source: Does Your Culture Affect Your Motivation to Be Kind? Is it shameful or sad that Western society is so myopically focused on self? the researchers explain, “Members of individualist cultures may benefit from prosocial [kind and helpful] behavior when it… Continue reading Does Your Culture Affect Your Motivation to Be Kind?



I'm reading an engaging book by Brené Brown called Dare to Lead. Here are some wonderful gems from this book that resonate with me and that I hope to keep close to my heart. I hope they are good for you too... I have never heard leadership expressed so well nor heard the call on… Continue reading Leadership

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December 2019 Update on device security

Malwarebytes If you haven't updated already, v4 is out. Shorttake: Malwarebytes is a must-have addition to your anti-virus software, be it Windows Defender or a third party such as Kaspersky or BitDefender. Malwarebytes deliberately works through real-time heuristic defence rather than preventing downloads, hence some poor scores on traditional compatible sites, but it remains the… Continue reading December 2019 Update on device security

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Good article

Security advice never grows old, but users still pancake... (TechRepublic).In-depth articleFor an alternate, secure, Android platform, check out F-DroidFrankly speaking..."Someone hacked into the tax revenue office four years ago and stole 3.8 million tax returns from the citizens of South Carolina--that was everyone. After the investigation, it was determined that an employee took home a laptop… Continue reading Good article


[Updated] Loan calculator

If you wanted to play 'what-if' with your mortgage and your calculator is showing signs of wear, then visit our tech site Create - Manage - Produce to grab this Excel Spreadsheet. You can play with your repayment amount, add multiple scheduled extra payments, adjust the payment frequency and forecast how much money you're burning or… Continue reading [Updated] Loan calculator

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About balance..

Source: Mindful Motion Origin: 1940′s to help rehabilitate patients after labyrinthectomy operations (deliberate destruction of the inner ear). It nearly always causes severe vertigo. This series of graded steps help the brain compensate for the false information coming from the destructed ear. Lack of signal from one side, with normal signal from the other, is interpreted… Continue reading About balance..