The Pear-shaped are on danger!

I'm kinda worried about things going pear-shaped. I mean, just what's wrong with being pear-shaped? Is it just media bias? Marketing? Or something more sinister? Like discrimination against pears? And does the pear marketing board have a resilient strategy for this cultural bias? How far does this conspiracy go? Is ScoMo pear-shaped? Or does his… Continue reading The Pear-shaped are on danger!



KVW: Daniel Craig once said: "If your kid is bullying my kid, and my kid has tried to tell your kid to stop, and your kid doesn't, my kid has been instructed to punch your kid in the face." What are your thoughts on this? by Kryss Von Walz In preschool, when my daughter… Continue reading Sweeeet..

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Funk 2.0 in the Swan Valley

on tap | Perth drinks | Funk Cider Great pick of really different beers and ciders. Not boutique, just damn straight inventive.. I mean, pineapple cider? Coffee and honey (a black IPA beer hybrid infused with coffee beans and honey that is a great base for tiramisa.. and drinking, of course). Also they do a… Continue reading Funk 2.0 in the Swan Valley

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This is embarrassing…

This article on Australia's dismal failure on Climate Change policy is shameful, to me as an Australian. 30 years of sucking up to industrialists and mesding up the planet. Spin-doctoring 30 years of scientific advice for why, exactly? And only - maybe - changing because public opinion now means coal chasing could now lose an… Continue reading This is embarrassing…

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Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings?

That 3am 'call' Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings? I stumbled across this very good article about waking up in the early hours (I do this a lot, I have sleep apnoea, bloat and um, make unpleasant noises). It really impacted me. I'm not really interested in this… Continue reading Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings?

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Elequent, mate..

What's sad is that amongst these deniers are many that should know better, but have been lied to and manipulated for some other cause or intent. It's funny though, when they find themselves in a pandemic epicentre they just go dark... Maybe they found out that govt isn't going to pay healthcatre unless they're vaxxed?

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So you’d like a better job, eh?

I've created a series for the job seekers to be on track to a choice career or simply a more interesting job. We’ll look at searching and applying for jobs, look at creating great cover letters and resumes, prepare for interviews and more...